Becoming a UCSC scientific diver

If you already are an AAUS Scientific Diver at another institution, click below to start your request to become a UCSC diver. 

If you are new to scientific diving, keep reading.

BIOE75 Scientific Diving Course

If you are new to scientific diving, click below for detailed course information, requirements and to start your application. 

NOTE: you must log-in with your UCSC account to apply. Once submitted, the application is editable, and you can update documents as needed.  

The next course course is technically a 'fall' quarter course but is completed just before the fall 2024 academic quarter begins. It is tentatively scheduled for August 21 - Sept 20, 2024. 

Applications will be open June 1st to July 1st, 2024

GoDive Equipment Program

The GoDive Equipment Program aims to increase gear access to a broader range of students and staff by providing sets of SCUBA regulators, BCDs, dive computers, gauges, dive weights, and wet/drysuits for eligible applicants for BIOE75, research, and other diving activities. More information on the GoDive program here.

Why Choose Our Scientific Diving Course?

Our scientific diving course is designed for curious minds, proactive spirits, and aspiring marine scientists seeking to explore the underwater world. This course provides a comprehensive and rigorous, hands-on learning experience. As a scientific diver, you will learn essential safety standards, basic ecological sampling techniques commonly employed in underwater ecology research, and gain familiarity with specialized equipment and techniques. 

 These skills are not only critical for marine researchers but are also highly valued in various scientific disciplines and in other EEB field courses and independent research courses that involve SCUBA (BIOE 161/L; BIOE 159A,B,C,D; 183L; 193; 195).

 The course involves lecture, pool, and ocean sessions, all presented synchronously in person. Divers who complete the course may receive a Scientific Diver certification through AAUS, an optional Enriched Air Nitrox certification and are eligible for Scientific Diving authorization under UCSC auspices.

BIOE75 is offered twice per year, in two different formats. You can see sample schedules for the condensed (pre-fall quarter) course and spring quarter-long formats in the course Syllabus and past Schedules



Medical clearance and other required documents must be submitted electronically as part of your BIOE75 application. If you have a medical condition (typically diabetes or asthma) that may be considered a contraindication to diving, please contact Diving Safety <> so that we can discuss your options.

Scientific Diving Certification Progression

For infomation about SCUBA classes consult Athletics and Recreation.

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