University of California Santa Cruz

Scientific Diving 

BIOE 75 focuses on refining fundamental dive safety principles while introducing techniques in scientific diving.  Course work includes lectures, field practical training, confined water and ocean SCUBA dives. Topics include diving physics, physiology, decompression theory, dive planning, aquatic environment, navigation, search and recovery, blue water diving, emergency response/rescues, and subtidal sampling techniques.  The course meets or exceeds AAUS standards  and provides students an opportunity to become certified in scientific diving. 

Learn how and why we work under the American Academy of Underwater Sciences standards for Scientific Diving

Learn about the Scientific Diving Course requirements, application process and deadlines.

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Student statement  - Spring 2023

"[...] I feel so lucky to have been able to take this class! I feel like it's not often that any one college course gives you such a strong sense of, "this right here is going to help me in the future," but I felt that way so many times during this quarter. [...]"